What is TayloRide?
TayloRide is the blog for Minnie Taylor and Taylored Gatherings. It’s where we share our recipes, cooking and entertaining tips, along with our adventures.
Why is it called TayloRide?
Well, we live in Colorado, so it’s a play on the name of a town here named Telluride. We haven’t been yet but it’s on our list! It’s also a play on the name Taylor, as in Minnie Taylor and because we consider Minnie Taylor and Taylored Gatherings a ride into our future.
So what is Minnie Taylor and Taylored Gatherings?
For more information about Minnie Taylor please check out our website. Taylored Gatherings is the Minnie Taylor online store. It’s where you can buy our products as well as other interesting things we’ve picked up on our travels. 
Who are the People behind Minnie Taylor, Taylored Gatherings and TayloRide?

Sam, that’s me! I’m Minnie Taylor’s founder and creator. To give you a bit of background – I was born in England, raised in New Zealand, and have lived for more than a decade in the US.  So I’m really starting to get a funky accent. I’m a recovering computer hardware jockey from the corporate world with a passion for cooking, entertaining at home, and making things. Since I started this adventure I’ve found the joy of looking at things through a camera lens and being able to give people confidence in cooking and entertaining.  

Kiwiboy is my partner in crime. He’s a true blue Kiwi (that is New Zealander, not small furry fruit with green insides) but even he’s starting to get an odd twang to his voice every now and then. He is a software genius and I am so thankful because he makes all my software dreams happen despite how looney they are. He’s also brilliant at constructing things – if I ever need to get something built or to know how something fits together, he always has the answer.
We’re based in Denver, Colorado – we finally had the chance in late 2012 to move somewhere where we want to live, not having to settle where a job takes us.
We share our home and office with a sassy tabby cat named Miss Olive, and a very lovable Jack Russell named Cooper. They’re the best office buddies ever even though Miss Olive has a tendency to lie spread eagle over my keyboard when she wants food.



Well, we really look forward to seeing you around here soon and keep coming back to check on what we’re up to!