Easy Picnic Planning Ideas

Entertaining, Quick Tips | March 20, 2017 | By

While many parts of the country are still dealing with snow, Denver has started to “Spring” back to life. The change in weather definitely has me thinking about picnics. With over 600 parks in the Denver metro area, not to mention the beautiful mountains and national parks, we really are spoilt for choice. 

Whether you’re having a picnic at the beach, the lake, the park or even in your own backyard, here are some simple picnic planning ideas:

  • If you’re short on time, use store bought meats, cheeses and breads to create delicious sandwiches that are portable and easy to eat.
  • If your grocery store has a salad bar, make use of it. Make individual serving sizes so you don’t have to worry about taking additional salad plates.
  • Use fresh fruit as a sweet ending for a picnic.
  • Choose food that’s easy to eat with a fork or by hand – you can never guarantee being able to have access to seating and a table.
  • Take a blanket or towel for each person and 3 or 4 extra, so you can make sure everyone has something to sit on and some for emergencies.
  • If you’re going to play a game or do something before you eat, make sure you have things that need to be kept cold in a cooler. The cooler can double as a table if you aren’t able to get a picnic bench.
  • Take individual bottles of soda or water and a plastic tumbler per person with a few extra. Chill them before you leave (or pick up cold ones from the store) and they can then be used for keeping the rest of the food cool.
  • Take plenty of napkins along as well a couple of damp facecloths in plastic resealable bags for cleaning up those sticky fingers.
  • Avoid taking food that needs to be cut, so instead of cake, take cupcakes. Instead of a loaf of bread, take rolls.
  • It’s not all about food – take insect repellent, especially if you’re having a Dinner Picnic.
  • Serve a menu which can be served at room temperature, that way you don’t have to worry about keeping things cold.
  • Avoid dishes with mayonnaise or dishes which spoil quickly – there’s nothing worst than having a great picnic but then having to nurse a stomach ache.