Storing Nuts

Quick Tips | January 30, 2017 | By

I use a variety of nuts when I’m cooking. It could be walnuts, pine nuts or almonds toasted for a bit of an extra crunch in a salad. Or walnuts and pecans when I’m baking. Or almonds for our granola. We’ve always got a stock of them. 

But there’s nothing worse than wanting to make something only to find you’ve either run out of nuts or they’ve gone rancid. So, to make sure our nut supply stays fresh and doesn’t go rancid, I store them in resealable bags in the freezer. This keeps them fresh for when I want them, and means there’s no wastage with needing to throw out bags of rancid nuts.

So how long will they last? Shelled nuts in a resealable bag should last for up to 8 months in the freezer. Unshelled nuts should last about 9 months, maybe even more.

Good to Know Tip:
Write the type of nuts and the date you put them in the freezer on the outside of the bag with a permanent marker – this way you know how long the nuts have been in the freezer.
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