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You may have come across them in your local kitchen supply store and wondered what they are…. Mezzalunas come in many shapes and sizes, and have become popular amongst cooking celebrities, but are Mezzalunas worth forking out dough for?

The word Mezzaluna means “half moon” in Italian and it accurately describes the curved blade on this tool. A few years ago they were largely unheard of, but now are found in kitchen specialty stores quite readily, and often there will be several varieties to choose from. The more common varieties of mezzalunas are single and double blade versions, but as their popularity increases we are seeing more variations come on the market including some that have their own bowl or chopping board.

Tip: The multiple blade versions are tricky to scrape clean – watch out for those fingers.

They are excellent for chopping herbs, nuts, onions, ginger, and garlic. Mezzalunas are relatively easy to use once you become accustomed to the rocking motion. 

Mezzalunas range in price from $10 and up.

While they are a useful tool to have, they are not a necessity in the kitchen, as they do not perform a unique task – a regular Cook’s Knife (sometimes referred to as a chef’s knife) can be used instead. Most certainly, a helpful addition for those people challenged using regular knives when finely chopping ingredients.