Where did everything go?

Minnie Taylor | October 30, 2016 | By

So if you’ve visited Minnie Taylor before, you’ll probably be scratching your head wondering  – where everything has gone?
Well, the short answer is…. it hasn’t gone, it’s just not been moved over here yet. I’m in the process of furiously redoing, rewriting and reimagining the content that used to be on Minnie Taylor. 
The next question I can hear you asking is…. so why are you moving and changing things at Minnie Taylor? The truth is, over the past few years, especially since we moved to Colorado, I’ve been doing some soul searching. The first versions of the Minnie Taylor website just weren’t me or should I say, they weren’t a reflection of the person I have become. Don’t get me wrong, I love to cook, I love to entertain and I love helping people but I felt like something was missing. I lost my voice and struggled with what to say because I really wasn’t sure what I believed in any more.
In the past 18 months I knew I had to make changes to the website, so I toiled away trying to work out a new look and structure. There were a lot of false starts, which thankfully, I had the foresight to not hold on too tightly. I was so focused on how everything looked, rather than the content. Over a period of time, I started to realize I was racing to my desk every day to work out what was a better logo or what was a better layout. I also started doing more and more online courses related to hand lettering and graphics design. This is a passion I’ve had for a long time, it was just something I hadn’t truly understood or recognized in the past. I often question myself because the signs have always been there, I just wasn’t listening.
So, to make a long story short, I’ve decided to change the direction of what I want Minnie Taylor to be. I’m going to focus on designing and manufacturing (in the USA) my own products which I will sell (in the not too distant future) via Taylored Gatherings – the Minnie Taylor store. This is very much a work in progress and I’ll definitely share more about the products soon. I’m also going to be focusing on doing custom graphic design and hand lettering design for small businesses and individuals.
With this change in direction I’ve decided to use this blog, TayloRide, as a place to share the latest news about Minnie Taylor and Taylored Gatherings, along with my favorite recipes, entertaining tips and other adventures.
So welcome to our new adventure – I do hope you’ll join us for the ride.